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kelli & ryan. the wedding.

hi friends!

we’re SO pumped to show you all a *few of our favorites from kelli & ryan’s wedding…what a way to start off our 2015 wedding season! this group was fun right from the start. kelli & ryan, thanks for being FREAKING AWESOME  🙂

*warning! this is a HUGE post. to be honest, i’m not even sorry it’s huge. this wedding was great, the bride & groom, the guests, the DJ, the cake, the staff at the venue, it was all just fun, and when you’re fun…well, you get a fun post with lots of images.



l. & r.


this girl…she’s going places.

kiersten is one of the most genuine people i’ve ever had the pleasure of getting to know. she’s funny & smart. she’s lovely and robbie and i had a wonderful time exploring a little fun section of broad ripple and grabbing some images of her.

congrats of your senior year kiersten…thanks for being so fun!

enjoy a few of our favorites!


l. & r.

*special announcement from openField.* please read!


hi everyone!

as i’m sure some of you remember at the end of last year we had some major issues with the hosting company that we’d been using for years. in order to give you all the BEST experience, with no headaches, we’ve decided that we’re making the move to a new hosting site, which means that for some of you, your images that have been archived on will NO LONGER BE AVAILABLE after april 30, 2015. robbie has done an excellent job in describing all of the information below, and in an email that we sent out this morning (he’s so good at explaining things!). so, please make sure to read the information below, and please feel free to contact us with ANY questions that you might have or if you’d like to purchase a disc/thumb drive along with a reproduction  & display release.

we’ve gone through and sent out emails to everyone, but just in case, here is the message (in detail).

Dear Friend and Valued Customer,

We hope this note finds you well!

There are some exciting things on the horizon for openField photography, that will most likely impact you as a past client.

In an effort to optimize our business and provide a better service to our customers, we’ve decided to migrate our business to a new (to us) proofing and print fulfillment company. We’re super excited about the change and the image experience it will offer our customers!

That being said, it’s important to note that very soon we will be discontinuing the services provided by For all of you that have relied on Pictage as an archive of your event, those images will no longer be available.

Most importantly, after April 30 of 2015, we will not be archiving any photographs taken prior to January 1, 2014. If you do not currently own the digital negatives from your session or event, now is the time to acquire copies of those images before they are gone. We are offering full-res versions of entire events for 25% off the current pricing. Please note, this pricing only applies to events photographed prior 2014, and will no longer be available after April 30, 2015.

This is the last time images files or prints will be available for those past events, so please do not wait! After April, we can no longer guarantee they will be archived by openField photography, LLC. in any form.

Please let us know if you’re interested in purchasing images files for personal use, and insure your memories are kept safe for future enjoyment.

Sincerely yours,

Lauren Chapman & Robbie Gantt.

openField photography.


l. & r.

the wallis family.

happy friday!

you all know how much we love this family…we have the great honor of photographing them for just about every big milestone in their lives. the last time we photographed them, mirabelle was just a few days old. fast forward a few months, we met up with them on the farm (the tiny tree you see in a few of the images is the SAME tree that betsy & tom planted during their wedding!) to get a some images. we had just about the loveliest of days to do so too!

here are a few of our favorites…enjoy!

p.s. how cute is ms. mirabelle in her little outfit?! those tights and that hat! LOVE her!


l. & r.

hey, wallis family…you guys, you’re the cutest! thanks for being so rad.


hi friends!

we’re back from a little blogging hiatus…did you miss us?! 🙂

up first is a model session with did with the lovely hope.

at the end of last year, while the leaves were still in all of their glorious colors, i spied (while driving) an old run down greenhouse/flower nursery.

below are a few images from my time with hope at a gem of a location.




styled by: lauren chapman

assisted by: robbie gantt