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audrey & alex. (wedding.)

happy friday everyone! we’ve been anxiously awaiting to show you all images from audrey & alex’s wedding…to be honest, writing text for posts is really hard for me (lauren) and something that i find my self struggling with. not because i don’t know “what” to say, it’s difficult for me to sometimes really put into words (and at the risk of sounding cliche’) how awesome it really is and how great the couples are that we work with. after their lifestyle session last summer (and the fact that we totally hit it off with each other…audrey and i were talking about clothes and vintage stores…while alex and robbie were telling jokes) we knew this wedding was going to be special. after a location change (tucson, az at the beautiful omni national resort), we packed our bags and we were off! the day was filled with close friends and family…lots of vintage touches and tons and tons of joy. not to mention a whole lotta love. 🙂

to audrey & alex…we thank you for asking us to be a part of your amazing journey. lots of love and tons of happiness always.


l. & r.

p.s. we also worked with some really great vendors in az. check them out:

location: omni tucson national resort

make-up: margarita potts with go diva hair & make-up

flowers: tanya kratz with in floom bloom weddings

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