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jane & matt.

there really is nothing better than seeing two people who are just crazy about each other.

meet jane & matt…two such people.

we spent a lovely afternoon with them in cincinnati, ohio (what a FUN CITY!)

these two were just about two of the happiest people we’ve ever been around…can’t you tell they just adore one another? 🙂

can’t wait until there big day. we have a feeling it’s going to be perfect.

here’s to jane, matt and LOVE!


l. & r.

p.s. jane JUST graduated from medical school the day before we photographed them, how great is that?! congrats again, DR.! 🙂

we found some great alley’s and spots all along the way.

we also found this purple monster wall. nicely done, cincinnati.

FAVORITE shot of the day!

we ended in the fountain. fun, right?

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