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logan a WHS senior!

first, let’s all just say a big “CONGRATULATIONS!” to logan on his senior year!

we met up with logan and his mom to grab a few portraits of him with the awesome fall colors. he was so super friendly and we instantly knew that with those great blue eyes it was going to be a blast! logan is a big-time lacrosse player, and he even teaches young kids to play the game! we’re excited for spring to come around so that we can photograph him in action.

a big thanks to his mom jennifer for reaching out to us as well! 🙂

*ALSO* to any Westfield, Carmel, or Zionsville are high schoolers…we have some spots STILL open yet this year for senior sessions!! we’ll be opening up spring sessions after Jan. 1, 2018 and we’ll be looking for openField photography. senior reps!! contact us for all the info, dates, and availability! info(at)openFieldphotography(dot)(com)


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