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hello all!

meet the schueler family!

i said it before on instagram and i’ll say it again here on the blog, lately our openField. clients have been a 13/10. we’ve been having such a fantastic late summer photographing some amazing families and this family is no different!

they even brought their dog, peanut along for some family portraits! and you all know how much we ADORE doggies!!

enjoy these favorites of ours!


l. & r.

these next two images, if i look at them long enough, i start to cry. it’s also the reason i love photographing with robbie so much.

here are a few reason to back up the previous statements.

1. dogs and families. i’m a true believer that kids will grow into better beings if they have a dog growing up. dogs show us so much about life and teach us love and these kids (for sure!) love their pup, peanut.

2. dogs are awesome.

3. families are awesome. we love the dynamic of photographing families. it’s fun and it honestly makes our job feel super important.

3. robbie and i make up a pretty damn good team if you ask me. the first image is mine, which is a perfectly lovely family portrait…BUT, the image below mine is robbies…and it makes me get a little emotional. you can feel so much from looking at this image, even if you don’t know the schueler family, you KNOW that they are all genuinely happy, they love each other and they love their dog. you can’t see marryanne or adam’s face, only their smiles,  you can see the kids’ faces though and can you not just feel all the warm fuzzies?!


big thanks to this awesome family, it was SO great to meet you all and spend some time laughing. we hope these images make you all smile for years & years to come. 🙂

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