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Meet Trevor.

He’s graduating high school in a few weeks, and headed on to big things. To all of the class of 2019, congrats!

Robbie has known Trevor and his family for years and when he was back in Ohio a few weeks ago, they met up and documented a bit of time together. If it’s one thing that I admire about Robbie and his eye, it’s his unique ability to photograph environmental portraits. And, he’s AMAZING at it (he’ll deny it, and say otherwise, but he’s awesome at it).

These portraits of Trevor are individual and totally capture his spirit. We sent a few previews to his mom, and her reaction was all that we ever ask for when we show someone our final edits…she kept saying how grateful she was that Robbie was able to capture him. It’s a big deal to have senior portraits done, even a bit more pressure with clients & friends, but he knocked it outta the park with this one.

Plus, there’s a definite resemblance to a young Jon Snow (GoT fans, am I right?! Plus, he’s got a dog that also kind looks like Ghost…keep scrolling).

Thanks to the Grohe Family for your constant support and kind words and to Trevor, congrats again my friend.


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