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halle & harry.

goodness gracious, you guys!

these two.

they’re the best.

silly & funny.

dancing & laughing.

these two are all of those things.

thanks for being such fun subjects ms. halle & mr. harry

you guys and you’re smiling happy faces are what makes our job FUN!


l. & r.

p.s. we’ve still got some dates open for sessions this summer! if you are looking OR know someone who is looking for some fun family portraits, we’d LOVE it if you sent them our way! feel free to email us for more information on dates & prices at: info (at) openFieldphotography (dot)(com) happy summer, y’all!

the wallis family.

this family. we LOVE them!

we’ve had the AMAZING honor of photographing some pretty fun and special moments in their lives. this one is no different! we met up with these wonderful souls in the woods they were married in to photograph them in front of the tree they planted during their wedding ceremony. we love that they do this every year for their anniversary…such a wonderful tradition!

this year was extra special, since betsy is pregnant and due this winter! we can’t wait to meet the newest member of their family…we know that miss mirabelle is going to be such a lovely big sister!


l. & r.


betsy & tom welcomed their newest family member, a baby boy they name bennett, last week! stay tuned for images, we’re photographing him this weekend!! ๐Ÿ™‚

mirabelle, she’s such a good mix of both betsy & tom. ๐Ÿ™‚

love this one.

i mean, come on, can’t you just HEAR her laughing?!


congrats you guys! happy anniversary & happy new baby!

the jenkins family.

we met up with the jenkins family and had the BEST time! since seeing these guys last, they’ve added a new member to their family…baby will. ๐Ÿ™‚

the images of them on that turquoise wall are our favorites!

i’ve said it before, but being able to see families grow and laugh is really just awesome.

lots of love to you guys.


l. & r. (and homer)

p.s. also, homer says “hello” to wrigley.

p.s.s. wrigley is the jenkins’ dog, he and homer are good friends and both have metal plates and screws in one back leg each, thanks to torn CCL’s. big, active, goofy dogs are just the greatest. ๐Ÿ™‚

callie & mikey. the wedding.

things have been NUTS around here! good NUTS, but NUTS none the less! my apologies for not posting this SOONER!!!

where to even begin with this amazing wedding?!

callie and mikey were married in south bend, indiana at the BEAUTIFUL basilica of the sacred heart on the campus of the university of notre dame. it was a lovely sunny day and they were surrounded by tons of friends and two of about the nicest families we’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! callie attended st. mary’s college and mikey attended the university of notre dame, so we had so many great & amazing options for photos! lots of fun moments, lots & lots of laughing,ย  all topped off with a gorgeous reception…what could be better?!

callie & mikey…thanks so much for allowing us to document your day…we had a BLAST…we wish you nothing but love and happiness now & always!



l. & r.

the krisiloff family.

you guys might remember this cute family from another session they did with us…you know, the one with with white bedroom and the amazing light?

well, we met up with them again and this time they have a NEW family member…rufus the boxer puppy!

hanging out with them was just as fun as we remembered it, lots of laughing and silly jokes being told by dax & van.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

and can we all just take a quick second to appreciate how stylish they all are?!

thanks again to the krisiloff’s, it was so great to see you all, to meet sweet rufus and get some FUN images for you guys!!



l. & r.