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tom & sue.

i’ve had the pleasure of knowing tom & sue for the last few years…they’re two of the kindest people, with genuine hearts, and overall just people that you feel better for knowing. i like those kinds of people πŸ™‚

sue mentioned that they hadn’t had any updated images of the two of them together in quite some time, so we put a quick end to that and scheduled a time & place to meet up.

images like these below are what it’s all about for us, images don’t have to be fussy, the location can be simple, because at the end of the day it’s about the people & subjects and making them feel like they’re not actually having photos taken, but rather just laughing with the one/ones they love.

after the session and after they’d viewed the image gallery, sue sent the loveliest email saying that she usually hates having her photo taken (which let’s be honest, MOST people do) but that this experience was totally different for her. she said ” i am just so glad for the opportunity to have some pictures of us together, that are recent, that are flattering to both of us and we both like.” can’t ask for more than that. πŸ™‚

so, don’t wait around for the perfect outfit or the perfect hair day or to loose those extra few pounds that you think you may have but on…live in the now, be present, and let’s meet up and get some images of the ones that YOU love.


thanks so much to tom & sue, your kind words and kind smiles are so very appreciated.


l. & r.

the jenkins family.

we did some math and figured out that we’ve been photographing this happy group for 10 years now. 10 years! started off with andy & jenn’s engagment session, their wedding (happy 10 year anniversaryΒ  you guys! they celebrated last month!) and now that they have 3 AMAZING kids! (and not to mention one of the coolest dogs around…shout out to wrigley!)

photographing families has quickly become our favorite thing to do. it’s so fun to watch families change and grow and laugh. we’re glad that this gang of bandits trusts us to get the job done.

SO MUCH LOVE to the guys…until next time!!


l. & r. & homer

olivia, those happy sweet eyes and her even sweeter disposition. she’s such a great big sister!

dear sweet mady! can’t belive she’s nearly ONE already! she’s in good hands with olivia & will as her siblings!

i can’t even with the cuteness that is will. his silly little pumpkin grin. πŸ™‚

will playing hide-n-seek with mady. how sweet.


logan a WHS senior!

first, let’s all just say a big “CONGRATULATIONS!” to logan on his senior year!

we met up with logan and his mom to grab a few portraits of him with the awesome fall colors. he was so super friendly and we instantly knew that with those great blue eyes it was going to be a blast! logan is a big-time lacrosse player, and he even teaches young kids to play the game! we’re excited for spring to come around so that we can photograph him in action.

a big thanks to his mom jennifer for reaching out to us as well! πŸ™‚

*ALSO* to any Westfield, Carmel, or Zionsville are high schoolers…we have some spots STILL open yet this year for senior sessions!! we’ll be opening up spring sessions after Jan. 1, 2018 and we’ll be looking for openField photography. senior reps!! contact us for all the info, dates, and availability! info(at)openFieldphotography(dot)(com)


l. & r.


bailey & clayton. the wedding.

get ready kids, this is a good one.


bailey (who is a DEAR friend) and clayton are MARRIED!

these two, along with their sweet pup atlas, and a whole lovely group of friends & family celebrated IN STYLE at a delightful ski lodge in wisconsin. filled to the brim with charming backdrops, amazing colors and quite possibly the happiest bride we’ve ever documented, it was such a fun day! bailey & clayton have actually been married for two years (they eloped back in 2015) and celebrated with an outdoor ceremony exactly two years later in front of the ones they love most against a late summer sky. they opted for a first look, so we had not one, but two good chunks of time to get portraits (such an ideal thing for us since the grounds of the lodge were so lovely!).

bailey & clayton are big animal lovers…they have two cats & a sweet dog that they share their life with, so when bailey said that atlas was going to be IN the wedding, we were obviously SUPER EXCITED! atlas was with bailey while she got her hair & make-up done, waited patiently as they had a first look, sat like a CHAMP during the ceremony, and was overall just a happy ball of pup.

it was such a merry & cheerful weekend…and we’re so happy for our friends. this kind of love is what it’s all about. we also wanted to say a special “hello!” & “thank you!” to both sides of bailey & clayton’s families…they were so wonderfully welcoming and it was honestly such a joy to be around so many gracious people.

grab a cup of whatever you drink, get comfy and enjoy these sparkling images.

lots of love & happiness you guys, now & always.


l. & r.


what you can’t see in the image below is that atlas is sitting in the bathtub, keeping a close eye on his mom while she gets ready. just about melted my heart. sweet pup.

gotta love a field with yellow flowers. πŸ™‚

not like this place could get any better they have a really old covered bridge and the light was on-point. we finished up there and then headed on in to the reception!

bailey is an AMAZING pastry chef and made her cake and all of the other YUMMY desserts!


mini-session times STILL AVAILABLE!

it’s not too late to schedule a mini session with us! we still have some open spots for next saturday (oct. 21st) AND next sunday (oct. 22nd)!!

here’s the link to ALL the info

and here are some fun images from a few of the families we’ve photographed so far this fall!!

these spots are open NOW, but DON’T DELAY, let’s go have some FUN and come meet us in the Field.


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