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the carmichael family.

let’s get this week started! happy monday!

we’re super happy to share with you all the wonderful carmichael family! you guys might remember them from their session last year when miss maggie was just a newborn…look how big she is now!! and her big sis gillian was as silly and happy as she was last time we saw her πŸ™‚

we had a blast catching up with these four and getting some fun new images for them…seriously, how happy does gillian’s expressive face make you?! and maggie was just about as peaceful and content as they come.

love that we get to follow this great family as they grow and change. πŸ™‚

happy viewing and much love to the carmichael family, let’s do it again next year!!


l. & r.


come meet us in the Field. fall mini-sessions!

hi everyone!

it’s that MAGICAL time of year…fall! πŸ™‚

we’re excited to announce all of the details for our fall 2017 mini-sessions.

come meet us in the Field. and let’s get some fun images of you and the people that you love. and while you’re at it, bring your dog…cause you all know how much we love dogs. πŸ™‚



select times are available on october 7th & 8th and also on october 21st & 22nd

we’ve got two pretty rockin’ locations picked out this year.

-40 minute session time with both robbie and i.

-viewing gallery of images hosted for 1 month.

Β -(3) of your favorite files with a reproduction & display release for personal printing.


send us an email and let us know what time we should meet you all in the Field.



the masilonis family.

get ready for lots of cuteness you guys…a bunch of it, really.

these four had the best laughs, and we mean good old fashioned belly laughs. the kind of laughs that are infectious and pretty soon we were all just laughing and having a good old time!

we get so lucky to photograph such awesome families…we really honestly do. this family was no exception, and we absolutely loved our time with them! katie even sent us an email after the session saying how much fun they had, which was so sweet & kind!!

enjoy these favorites!!

thanks again masilonis family for being so FUN and SILLY!! can’t wait until next time!


l. & r.

mikey over there just worrying about that giant stick. how cute?! such a BOY!

how stinking adorable is miss emily?

TA-DA! love her! πŸ™‚

the sun was still pretty high and hot, but as you know with small kids, you sometimes only get a short window of “cooperation”. i have to say though, these two kiddos were TOTAL CHAMPS and were silly and happy the whole session. we had the “ruins” as the background in our heads and wanted to use them when we suggested the park for their session, so we knew we wanted to end with that location. it was one of those moments when everything aligned, all the people that had been there playing left, the sun went to the MOST perfect spot for some flare and we got some GREAT smiles from everyone! gotta love moments like that! πŸ™‚

sarah, phil and baby “t”.

hi friends!

there is nothing better than photographing a lovely,Β  glowing mom-to-be in the later summer sunlight. we’ve been photographing sarah & phil and all of their big moments for a few years now and when we got the email saying that they were expecting we were thrilled for them! we were even more excited when we started chatting about what they wanted to do for a maternity session…sarah is so laid back and and chill and we knew we had the perfect spot for this special session! sarah said the sweetest thing as we were finishing up and looking ahead to after the baby is born…they want to do a lifestyle session at home with him, just them enjoying the new babe, being a family of three…i was suggesting that they find a “routine” (is that even a thing with a newborn!?) get comfortable, be relaxed and just let it fall into place. we were chatting about some ideas and she touched my arm and said, “there is a reason this works…we trust you, love whatΒ  you and robbie do.” i’m telling you what, those few words were so sweet and so honest and meant so much. sarah and phil, we’re lucky to have such fun clients and FRIENDS like you, thanks for “getting” us. we CAN’T WAIT to meet your new tiny explorer.

lots of love to you all.


l. & r.

grab a cup of your preferred drink of choice and take a look at the beautiful sarah, and the lovely late summer light. we hope you enjoy.


halle, harry & homer. the big 3.

this started out as just a session of harry. then his big sis halle was looking oh so cute in her sundress & boots, so i grabbed a few images of her quick. then just when you thought it couldn’t get ANY cuter, we added homer into the mix.

these three.

halle & harry love homer and it’s safe to say that homer loves them back.

please enjoy these fun images on a magical & colorful wall of three of my favorite subjects to photograph.



assisted by robbie

style by me