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hi friends!

we’re back from a little blogging hiatus…did you miss us?! ๐Ÿ™‚

up first is a model session with did with the lovely hope.

at the end of last year, while the leaves were still in all of their glorious colors, i spied (while driving) an old run down greenhouse/flower nursery.

below are a few images from my time with hope at a gem of a location.




styled by: lauren chapman

assisted by: robbie gantt

the jenkins family.

you guys, can you believe it’s already DECEMBER?! crazy how fast time seems to be flying lately!

we snuck in this session right before it got chilly and while there was still some great color on the trees! we love this family…and it’s been so fun seeing them every few months to grab some images of them.

hugs to you guys, until next time!


l. & r.

the mcclain family.

we photographed this wee lad when he was still in his mama’s belly.

and then again when he turned ONE!

it took mr. tristan here a little while to warm up to the idea of having his portrait taken, but with eyes like that…

we LOVE these images…iย  know i keep saying it, but photographing real families like this has become one of our favorite things to do.

even loki, their sweet pup, made an appearance ๐Ÿ™‚

cheers to tristan, for turning one, those blue eyes & lashes, your fun parents and warm late summer evenings!


l. & r.

*with this amazing weather we’ve been having, we are going to squeeze in a few more portrait sessions this fall! if you’re interested OR know a fun family who would like to have some fun portraits taken this year still, send an email our way (or comment below with info!). we’ve still got some wonderful colors on the trees here, and the chillier weather is perfect for snuggling and all those great scarves & boots you’ve been wanting to show off! and…don’t forget about images for your x-mas cards! OH, and we’re also booking spring sessions!*

important message!

hi everyone!
this is an *important message to all of our clients*
the hosting company that we’re currently using, pictage, has been having some major technical issues over the last 2 weeks. we’ve been assured that they are “working” on getting it all taken care of. we sincerely apologize for any delay in events being released, ordering errors and general headaches this has caused. customer support is so incredibly important to robbie and i, and we appreciate your patience during this frustrating time! we have support tickets & phone calls out and are awaiting to hear back.
please email us if you’ve had or are having any problems or if there is anything we can help out with!
l. & r.

molly & andrew in and around the city after their wedding.

meet molly & andrew.

these images were all photographed right after their ceremony in and around the city with molly, andrew and their bridal party.

this time is usually pretty crazy and hectic, any photographers who tell you differently are lying…but it’s always the BEST time. sound crazy?! us artists drum to our own beat most of the time!

robbie and i are running on pure adrenaline, in our “creative zone”, minds flooded with ideas, closely watching the clock…but we love it.

we wanted to show you the result of that hour.

congrats again to molly & andrew…and thanks for running around the city with us! we wish you lots of love & happiness!


l. & r.

right behind the church they were married at, they were setting up for a carnival. i knew i loved molly, when i mentioned to her that it was out back and could be really fun for bridal party portraits and she answered, “oh, we SAW that and were going to ask if we could go out there!”


on our way headed downtown we also made a quick stop in carmel and the arts district. molly grew up in carmel, so we wanted to incorporate a bit of hometown charm.

hey molly! you need this image below on a canvas in your house. it’s HAPPY! ๐Ÿ™‚

October 27, 2014 - 9:33 pm

Alison - wow. you two have gone and done it again. the colors, the poses, the feelings that pour out of your images- love it all!