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important message!

hi everyone!
this is an *important message to all of our clients*
the hosting company that we’re currently using, pictage, has been having some major technical issues over the last 2 weeks. we’ve been assured that they are “working” on getting it all taken care of. we sincerely apologize for any delay in events being released, ordering errors and general headaches this has caused. customer support is so incredibly important to robbie and i, and we appreciate your patience during this frustrating time! we have support tickets & phone calls out and are awaiting to hear back.
please email us if you’ve had or are having any problems or if there is anything we can help out with!
l. & r.

molly & andrew in and around the city after their wedding.

meet molly & andrew.

these images were all photographed right after their ceremony in and around the city with molly, andrew and their bridal party.

this time is usually pretty crazy and hectic, any photographers who tell you differently are lying…but it’s always the BEST time. sound crazy?! us artists drum to our own beat most of the time!

robbie and i are running on pure adrenaline, in our “creative zone”, minds flooded with ideas, closely watching the clock…but we love it.

we wanted to show you the result of that hour.

congrats again to molly & andrew…and thanks for running around the city with us! we wish you lots of love & happiness!


l. & r.

right behind the church they were married at, they were setting up for a carnival. i knew i loved molly, when i mentioned to her that it was out back and could be really fun for bridal party portraits and she answered, “oh, we SAW that and were going to ask if we could go out there!”


on our way headed downtown we also made a quick stop in carmel and the arts district. molly grew up in carmel, so we wanted to incorporate a bit of hometown charm.

hey molly! you need this image below on a canvas in your house. it’s HAPPY! ๐Ÿ™‚

October 27, 2014 - 9:33 pm

Alison - wow. you two have gone and done it again. the colors, the poses, the feelings that pour out of your images- love it all!

at home with the krisiloff family.

let it been know that i (lauren.) would love to take this bedroom, put it on wheels, drive it around and use it for a session like this at least once a week.

for real.

we love the idea that less really IS more. when we walked into their bedroom and saw this clean & simple room, really just a place of comfort…mixed in with the amazing light we knew we had to grab some images of them all just “hanging out, being a family”.

we really do love photographing these moments.


l. & r.

the munden family.

happy wednesday everyone!

after a short little blog hiatus, we’re BACK! we’ve had a wonderful summer and it’s shaping up to be and even better fall! we’ve been photographing a ton of great sessions, and we can’t wait to share them here with everyone!

first up, the munden family ๐Ÿ™‚

this is our second time photographing these wonderful people…the first time was before the two newest additions…sweet baby gavin and dexter the wonder-dog!

we found some really fun spots around downtown indy and had a grand time catching up, laughing and even getting a few tips from drew on art-directing (what a FUN kid, honestly, we was a riot!)

photographing families like this has really become a passion for us. being able to document these *real* moments, this is what it’s about for us. families just being families.


hey mundens, thanks for being so fun! it was so great to see you guys!

without further ado, here is the first post of many new ones to come.



l. & r.

stephanie & john. (plus will & leilani.)

you guys…this wedding was one for the books.

first, we LOVE photographing weddings like this one…unique and special. we LOVE that their kids were so involved and played some pretty important roles. we LOVE that during their portrait time they wanted the kids to be there, and they wanted some new family portraits.

they welcomed us into their home like we’ve know one another for years, even though we’d only all spent a brief amount of time together. it’s so fun for us to be able to walk around and find the simplest of moments so that they have them to look back on.

steph, john, will and leilani…congrats on this happy new journey…and thanks for letting us be a part of it. ๐Ÿ™‚

lots of love & happiness, now & always!


l. & r.

steph’s mom was wonderful; and how cute is she?! ๐Ÿ™‚

gosh, this moment.

they opted for a first look, in their backyard! we grabbed a few portraits before heading to downtown noblesville, in.


July 25, 2014 - 1:30 pm

Dawn - My goodness…that shot of their daughter wiping her tears, is beyond adorable. I love it!!