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oh, these two…these two, sweet & magical bo and her beautiful momma norma.

now, i’m saying this not to poke fun, but to teach us all a little something that at least i myself sometimes forget. when norma and bo pulled up to the location and bo locked on to us, she BURST into tears. i’m talking FULL OUT CRYING WITH REAL BIG TEARS. having a hard time catching her breath crying. poor thing. us adults had a good laugh and joked that maybe she was crying because robbie needed a haircut, you see, norma cuts robbie’s hair (has been for years and she’s amazing at it) and truth be told, he needs a haircut about every two weeks. so, he was wearing a headband to keep it out of his eyes. he took off his headband, sunglasses and cross-body camera strap and crouched down to her level, but that honestly only seemed to make things worse. i even busted out a recent video of homer swimming, thinking “this will cheer her RIGHT UP!”

nope. still crying GIGANTIC REAL TEARS.

we even busted out some m&m’s (her go-to candy!). that only made said gigantic tears larger, and then we added colored spit to the mix because the poor thing couldn’t even chew.

i will say that through all of this, sweet norma was speaking to bo in the calmest voice, telling her that it was all ok, and to calm herself down. at no point in any of this, and it was a good 25 minutes, did she get even remotely frustrated. bo is only 4 and quite a shy little thing. long story made short, all bo needed was a facetime call with her dad and a bit of time to warm-up to us.

i guess what i’m getting at is, in this time of constantly racing through life, social media pressure, REAL LIFE pressure, it’s important to take a deep breath. don’t get frustrated by small unimportant worries, don’t let GIGANTIC REAL TEARS and colored m&m spit upset you, because in the end, making friendships with real people is what makes life interesting. the images of these two magical people and the CONNECTION that they share is what’s really important.

you might be having a crap day, you may be feeling real low down, but if you take a deep breath and look around you, you’ll find what matters. it may be something small or something big, but you’ll find a glimpse and that’ll be enough to get you going again.

norma, your patience is amazing, and bo is lucky to have a presence like you in her life. bravo to you my friend.

sweet bo, your warm smile, chubby cheeks and long eyelashes are some of the sweetest i’ve ever photographed, but your kind heart is by far your #1 best quality.

lots of love to these two.


l. & r.

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