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tom & sue.

i’ve had the pleasure of knowing tom & sue for the last few years…they’re two of the kindest people, with genuine hearts, and overall just people that you feel better for knowing. i like those kinds of people 🙂

sue mentioned that they hadn’t had any updated images of the two of them together in quite some time, so we put a quick end to that and scheduled a time & place to meet up.

images like these below are what it’s all about for us, images don’t have to be fussy, the location can be simple, because at the end of the day it’s about the people & subjects and making them feel like they’re not actually having photos taken, but rather just laughing with the one/ones they love.

after the session and after they’d viewed the image gallery, sue sent the loveliest email saying that she usually hates having her photo taken (which let’s be honest, MOST people do) but that this experience was totally different for her. she said ” i am just so glad for the opportunity to have some pictures of us together, that are recent, that are flattering to both of us and we both like.” can’t ask for more than that. 🙂

so, don’t wait around for the perfect outfit or the perfect hair day or to loose those extra few pounds that you think you may have but on…live in the now, be present, and let’s meet up and get some images of the ones that YOU love.


thanks so much to tom & sue, your kind words and kind smiles are so very appreciated.


l. & r.

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