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the jenkins family.

we did some math and figured out that we’ve been photographing this happy group for 10 years now. 10 years! started off with andy & jenn’s engagment session, their wedding (happy 10 year anniversary  you guys! they celebrated last month!) and now that they have 3 AMAZING kids! (and not to mention one of the coolest dogs around…shout out to wrigley!)

photographing families has quickly become our favorite thing to do. it’s so fun to watch families change and grow and laugh. we’re glad that this gang of bandits trusts us to get the job done.

SO MUCH LOVE to the guys…until next time!!


l. & r. & homer

olivia, those happy sweet eyes and her even sweeter disposition. she’s such a great big sister!

dear sweet mady! can’t belive she’s nearly ONE already! she’s in good hands with olivia & will as her siblings!

i can’t even with the cuteness that is will. his silly little pumpkin grin. 🙂

will playing hide-n-seek with mady. how sweet.


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