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mia. class of 2018.

CHEERS to mia and the rest of the class of 2018!

we met up with mia for some a “your style” senior session while she was up visiting family.

in fact, the next blog that we post will be her with her family, so stay tuned for that…it’s a fun one!

anyways, while we were photographing her family and as we try to do with EVERY family that we photograph, is take a portrait of each member, nothing formal, just a portrait to document who they are at this particular time in their life. when it was mia’s turn, she enthusiastically jumped up and said,

“OH ME! i didn’t get a chance to do senior portraits!”

to which i said “wait, what?! no senior portraits? WHAT ARE YOU DOING TOMORROW?”

right then and there before a single portrait was taken, we scheduled a session for the next afternoon!

we spent about 45 minutes with her, getting to know all about her next adventure; starting college in north carolina.  we had a grand time laughing and taking some portraits.

everyone should have portraits taken to commemorate graduation, it really is a huge milestone in a person’s life. so again, CHEERS to the class of 2018 and most especially to mia!


l. & r.

*we’re also NOW booking senior “your style” sessions for the class of 2019! what’s a “your style” session you ask?! well, it’s just that…it’s YOU, it’s YOUR STYLE, it’s a session that’s not fussy or formal, it’s not a studio environment, but rather an on-location lifestyle portrait session. they are more relaxed and which allows for YOU TO SHINE. email us for more info and to chat about booking a session that’s ALL ABOUT YOU.

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