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howdy you guys. 🙂

we’re a tad bit behind on blogging and such, COVID-19 is (as i’m sure it is with many of you, really messing with time…how it is even SEPTEMBER already?!) anyways, the show must go on. we met up with this lovely lady last summer. i’ve shared a few images of kaitlin already over on the openField photography. instagram page, which, while i’m thinking about it, you guys REALLY SHOULD GIVE US A FOLLOW over there! we post regularly and there’s lots of fun images, insta stories, updates and such, so we’d LOVE it if you all followed along!

we met kaitlin and on a sunny and warm day and were instantly smitten with her personality and had a loveliest time capturing it. and yes, her eyes are really that blue.


l. & r.

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