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howdy you guys. 🙂

we’re a tad bit behind on blogging and such, COVID-19 is (as i’m sure it is with many of you, really messing with time…how it is even SEPTEMBER already?!) anyways, the show must go on. we met up with this lovely lady last summer. i’ve shared a few images of kaitlin already over on the openField photography. instagram page, which, while i’m thinking about it, you guys REALLY SHOULD GIVE US A FOLLOW over there! we post regularly and there’s lots of fun images, insta stories, updates and such, so we’d LOVE it if you all followed along!

we met kaitlin and on a sunny and warm day and were instantly smitten with her personality and had a loveliest time capturing it. and yes, her eyes are really that blue.


l. & r.


We thought that everyone could use a bit of cheering up and some happy distractions (US included!) while we’re all a bit on edge dealing with the current & crazy global situation. Luckily for you guys we have a PLETHORA of happy families and sessions to post for just such occasion. 🙂

Those of you who’ve been with us for a while will surely know these wonderful souls. We met up with them at their traditional fall family portrait spot and spent some time giggling & laughing. The three smallest members of this family are animated and each have their own distinct personalities, which add even more to the whole family dynamic…we LOVE this group!

Mirabelle and Bennett react especially well to Robbie (who’s honestly a BIG KID anyways) and he really captured some hilariously silly images of them. 🙂

So, sit back, turn off CNN or NPR, and allow yourself a small reprieve from the day. Enjoy the happy faces of the Wallis Family.


L. & R.


Meet Colleen.

She reached out to us after returning stateside from a visit to Sri Lanka & Asia. She was inspired by her time there and wanted to collaborate on some new images for her blog. Colleen’s main mode of transportation is a pretty rocking motorcycle and she wanted some images with that too…we were happy to oblige!

She’s got a good soul this one, super kind and easygoing and Robbie and I loved getting to know her and we’re looking forward to working with her again. I love the whole feel of this session, we were able to mix our styles together for wardrobe and I love how we were able to create a bunch of different looks and find some pretty cool locations.

Here are a few of our favorites, take a peek and then head over to Colleen’s travel & lifestyle blog and make sure to follow her journeys!

Thanks so much Colleen, you rock.

P.S. She’s so damn cool that she rode HER MOTORCYCLE to this session…HER OWN MOTORCYCLE. #GRLPOWER


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It’s always a good time when we work together. She’s fun (and funny), witty, strong and powerful. This is Chelsea.

I like working with creatives and creative types. I like the collaboration and I enjoy the challenge.

We’re traditionally “outdoor” and “on-location” photographers, but I have the advantage of having a partner that’s a WIZ at lighting, and we have all the studio “fixings” and a garage, so we tried our hands at something a bit more studio-like.

Here are just a few images from our time, and if you stick around, we’ve got more to show off, from a different session, with this same strong woman. It’s a good one…we promise.

Chelsea, thanks for coming with your ‘A’ game…every. single. time.


l, r. & *homer (*the studio dog.)

hair & makeup: Chelsea Mark | styling: me



Now that the sun is shining and the days are longer, we’re happy to announce that we’re offering summer mini-sessions…starting NOW!! We had such an amazing response to the fall minis that we offered last year, we thought, let’s start offering them again!

It’s the perfect opportunity to grab your kiddos with their sun kissed freckled faces OR the one you love the most and let us document your lives, just as they are in this moment! They’re just the right amount of time, 30 minutes, and at the right price, $150, what are you waiting for?!

These mini-sessions are a great option for families, maternity, kids and even couples just looking for some happy & fun portraits!

Don’t delay…CLICK HERE TODAY to reserve your spot!


drop us a line:

What’s included you ask?
*30  minute session with Lauren & Robbie.
*Your MOST favorite image delivered to you electronically.
*25-35 images hosted in an online gallery with ordering options for additional prints & products.
Can’t wait to see you all!
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