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first things first, her cast is real. she was running UP a vert ramp at a skate park…things didn’t work out so well and she broke her arm. she broke it right before she went to camp, but she didn’t let it ruin her time there…you know why? cause she’s a CHAMPION this one. she’s a grand champ, and also they know apparently have water-proof casts…SAY WHAT?! i never broke any bones when i was a kid, but i had plenty of friends that did. but nowadays, they make water-proof casts, so she could swim and be a kid for the whole summer and not have to wear a bread bag tied to her arm!!

anyway, i digress…back to this one. she’s one of my favorite kids to photograph. she’s got a laugh better than most adults i know and a personality to match. she’s also got cool fun shoes, a pink bandana we turned into an arm cuff and a toothy grin…all the ingredients that make for fun portraits! we borrowed a skateboard, tied up her arm cuff, which we also used as a headband and set out to make some happy portraits.

here are a few of my favorites! enjoy!

love you sweet hal jo!




hello all!

meet the schueler family!

i said it before on instagram and i’ll say it again here on the blog, lately our openField. clients have been a 13/10. we’ve been having such a fantastic late summer photographing some amazing families and this family is no different!

they even brought their dog, peanut along for some family portraits! and you all know how much we ADORE doggies!!

enjoy these favorites of ours!


l. & r.

these next two images, if i look at them long enough, i start to cry. it’s also the reason i love photographing with robbie so much.

here are a few reason to back up the previous statements.

1. dogs and families. i’m a true believer that kids will grow into better beings if they have a dog growing up. dogs show us so much about life and teach us love and these kids (for sure!) love their pup, peanut.

2. dogs are awesome.

3. families are awesome. we love the dynamic of photographing families. it’s fun and it honestly makes our job feel super important.

3. robbie and i make up a pretty damn good team if you ask me. the first image is mine, which is a perfectly lovely family portrait…BUT, the image below mine is robbies…and it makes me get a little emotional. you can feel so much from looking at this image, even if you don’t know the schueler family, you KNOW that they are all genuinely happy, they love each other and they love their dog. you can’t see marryanne or adam’s face, only their smiles,ย  you can see the kids’ faces though and can you not just feel all the warm fuzzies?!


big thanks to this awesome family, it was SO great to meet you all and spend some time laughing. we hope these images make you all smile for years & years to come. ๐Ÿ™‚


it’s the most magical time of year again…say it with me everyone, it’s FALL!!

everyone seems to be loving the idea of mini-sessions…so…ask and you shall receive!

we’ll be scheduling fall mini-sessions starting TODAY (sept.18th). these times will go SUPER FAST, so don’t delay, get one scheduled NOW while you’re thinking about it!



*3o minute session (with you & yours, up to 5 people)

*1 (one) digital file for personal use (you pick your FAV, we’ll send it over!)

*custom designed on-line gallery, hosted for 30 days. you’ll have the option to purchase other proofs/prints OR digital files from your gallery.



email us today to get a time reserved for you & your favorite people!



l. & r.


these two are welcoming a new little one into their lives VERY SOON! you all may remember jane & matt from their super cool cincinnati engagement session OR from their absolutely stunning cincinnati wedding. this time we met up with them to photograph their maternity lifestyle session. (*IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE* we LOVE that we get to photograph such fun people that we can call friends, not just clients. it’s amazing to see how these two have grown and changed and now they’re having a baby! yay for super cool & fun our jobs!)

first, you’re going to notice how amazing jane looks. she’s for sure got that radiance that pregnant women get. but can we talk about THAT DRESS you guys?! she got out of the car and i yelled “OH MY GOSH, THAT DRESS!” it looked positively gorgeous on her.

second, i could’ve photographed in this light and in this particular field ALL DAY. it was that magic time that we all are always running to photograph in. combined with these two happy people and their sweet pup it really was just a combo of all things wonderful.

i’m real proud of these images and i hope that jane & matt, the new baby and their families can look at these and not help but smile and feel happy when doing so.

SO MUCH LOVE to the lesaints.


l. & r.

BALIEY, their sweet pup. when robbie was doing his final edit on these he sent me a screen capture of the image of jane & bailey on the right with the crying emoji face…we’re big dog fans in this house if you didn’t already know that. and i love the image of matt & bailey, two boys with big ol’ smiles! ๐Ÿ™‚



*we’re planning an ohio openField road-trip at the end of september to photograph a few of our current clients, and, for the VERY FIRST TIME, are opening up our schedule to a limited amount of *MINI-SESSIONS!”. for those who have contacted us in the past, now is your chance to get that family lifestyle, senior your-style session OR maternity session done with us! we’re going to photographing around the gambier, ohio area for 2 DAYS ONLY.

below are all of the details!ย 

*when?: steptember 29th & 30th

*where?: gambier, ohio

*what?: 30 minute session, includes your choice of (1) retouched digital file for reproduction for $150

*who? YOU, silly. ๐Ÿ™‚

*why? because we like you and because fall in ohio is literally the most beautiful place on earth.

*how? contact us PRONTO! email us at: info(at)openFieldphotography(dot)(com)

PLEASE note that we can only schedule a session once a reservation fee is received, so DON’T WAIT to contact us. Available times are already limited.


l. & r.