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What a lovely way to start the 2019 wedding season! A wonderful heartfelt “congratulations!” to both Abby & Parker (plus their families!) as these two start their lives together!

You all know that we’re big fans of airy spaces; spaces filled with lots of light and spaces filled with happy love. This venue, The Wilds Weddings & Events, checked-off each and every one of the things we love the most about venues! Abby and Parker picked a little slice of heaven to exchange vows and have a a celebration right at the kickoff of the summer season! We SO enjoyed our time with these two, in a world where chaos and the day to day hustle can sometimes leave human interactions to a minimum, Abby & Parker made us feel like a million bucks. These two were so appreciative, kind and thankful (even sending us a message on their honeymoon telling us so!) and the same goes for their families, friends and wedding guests, they sure do know how to surround themselves with good people!

We also worked with a team of kick-butt wedding pros on this one too…which is always A+ in our book. The wonderful team at The Wilds (a photographers dream to shoot in), the incredibly talented duo behind Artful Blooms (some of the kindest and creative florists we’ve ever seen), and the wickedly talented Woodland & Ivory (shout out to Jeff, videographer extraordinaire, check out Abby & Parker’s highlight reel!). I can’t leave out Christy, from Creative in Bloom who did all of the wonderful signage & calligraphy and Christina, from Sincerely Yours who made sure we were all on time the day of!  Abby and Parker really picked some amazing talent and we’re so thankful we were asked to help document the day for them!

I’m stop my rambling here and leave you with what you’re all here for…PHOTOS! One more giant “thank you” to the bride and groom…thanks for being so wonderfully in love, and for asking us to be a part of such a happy day for you guys…we wish  you so much love and happiness.


l. & r.



We’re SO happy to share with you all a little styled shoot we did last fall!

Now that this shoot has been published on Wedding Day Magazine (a BIG thanks to the team over at Wedding Day who put together a lovely write-up about this styled shoot!) we can share with all of you this “Styled 1st Anniversary Shoot” we did last fall at the beautiful White Willow Farms, located on the North side of Indianapolis. We really wanted to incorporate the amazing Midwest fall weather & colors into this styled shoot without it screaming “fall!” and took inspiration from the rich colors that are associated with the season like the deep reds, mustard yellows, and the warm tones. It was a fun project for us to take on, to style and try some new ideas and locations that we might not necessarily be able to execute on an actual wedding day. It’s great to have an idea of what you want to pull off and what the final vision might be, but for us, the unknown is sometimes even a bit more exciting! It ended up being pretty chilly on the day of, and we had some wind to deal with, but as you can see…the chilly weather made Kendra & David cuddle up that much closer, so it was a win/win!

We wanted something that was modern but also timeless. It was most important to focus on their connection and too much on trends. That enables us showcase the love & bond they share.

We were so happy to work with Courtney Wiley from Violets are Blue. We chatted about the inspiration and the style of the shoot…then she worked her magic. I mentioned in one of our conversations that I loved the texture and color of eucalyptus, again, adding texture and nuances from our non-traditional fall theme. It’s more of a traditional bouquet, but we added a playful element with the ribbon, which gave it that unique touch.

Being that it was an anniversary shoot, we wanted to have something “sweet” for Kendra & David and tried to think outside the box of a traditional cake and came up with the idea of an anniversary pie! With the added bunting banner “US”, made by myself, it became a fresh twist on the usual take of a wedding cake top layer. Also, who doesn’t love a mini-pie?!

We’re so super grateful to the wonderful team of vendors that got on board for this idea and who so graciously shared their talent with us! Make sure to check out the Wedding Day Magazine write up and follow ALL of these awesome vendors!



One of the most rewarding parts of our job as photographers is documenting families as they grow. It’s an absolute privilege to be welcomed into a home and spend time with parents and their children. In some ways we feel like an extension as Aunt Lauren and Uncle Robbie.

The most recent addition to the world being our new best friend, Mack! This little guy was about as content as a newborn can be. Surrounded by his older (yet young) siblings, they’d already taken to him with overflowing love.

We think you’ll see the harmony of personalities here as youthful energy and serene baby sleep occupy the warmth of this home.

As always, thanks Wallis family for brightening our days…and for just being you. We adore you all.

Congratulations on your perfect new addition, we can’t wait to see him grow and do such amazing things.


l. & r.

Our approach for this particular session was to document their new life, as a family of 5. We spent some time with Mac, but you guys know that newborns are on their own schedule, and while Betsy was feeding him, we shifted our focus to our other little BFF’s. These two are some of the sweetest, goofiest and just FUN kids we know. Full of energy and positivity (a testament to how AMAZING of a team Betsy & Tom are).


these kids (and young adults!) are HILARIOUS! we met up with the casciani kids just as the weather was starting to get chilly again, right before christmas (gotta love that midwest weather!) while everyone was home for the holiday break. we were lucky that the sun even made appearance! i’ve had the pleasure of knowing the littlest member of the four and their amazing mom over the last few years and it was fun to get to know the bigger “kids” as well! 🙂 what a lovely group of humans…kind, funny, smart, down to earth and polite, all the good that makes the world just a bit happier. big thanks to the casciani family and HUGS to their sweet pup who made it into the session!!


l. & r. (and homer!)

roman and celia, you guys make cool look way too easy!

izzy and sweet miss claire.


i saw izzy snuggling up to farley in the viewfinder and had a feeling that this image was going to be all sorts of cute. we love families who love doggies.

this girl was a TROOPER throughout the entire session. towards the end we went up to grab a few images on a pretty steep hill which was a tad on the “muddy” side…after we were all wrapped up she insisted on rolling down the hill…we all laughed as she rolled over and over, all getting a tiny bit dizzy watching her do so! as you’ll recall, she’s also wearing all cream and white…catherine simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “yeah, we do a lot of laundry at our house!” lol!! 🙂