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r. & i honestly can’t get enough of these types of sessions. model sessions that is. they’re fun and relaxed and we often get to be as creative as we want. i also really really enjoy styling these sessions, pulling clothing and shoes and letting it all play out in whatever was the universe sees fit. we try to find time to squeeze a few of these in each busy season, because again, they’re a good way to step back, recharge, and let some ideas play out.

so, this is hannah. she’s got amazing wild hair and is super fun and is obviously stunning. the wind was also our friend on this particular day. here are some of our favorites from our time spent in downtown indianapolis.

we’ll be booking some model sessions early spring and if you’re interested you can always drop us an email info(at)openFieldphotography(dot)(com) to chat about one.


l. & r.

see, told you the wind was our friend.

loved the dappled light on that lavender wall. and that dress…fit like it was made for her.


hello friends! we’ve got a BUNCH of fun sessions to share, so let’s get started with this CUTE TURKEY and his lovely parents. you might remember this clan from their 6 month session OR their newborn session, heck, these guys are regulars here on the blog and we couldn’t love it more! we adore this family and find it honestly a true honor to document moments and milestones like this, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it’s one of the greatest parts of this job. SO, without further ado and chit chat, let’s get to the images of the triplett family! the session was a mix of a little of tommy celebrating his 1st birthday added with some family images of everyone. it was a chilly november day, but all the better for cuddling and kisses! cheers to tommy and his first trip around the sun! cheers to the sarah and phil for making such a cute kid. love you guys!


l. & r.

dear tommy, please stay this happy forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

oh tommy, does it get any cuter? peace out guys.



it’s time for another FUN (and this time a sunrise session!) with one of our FAVORITE families…the wallis family! we look forward to september every year, and not just because it’s the best month of the whole year, but because we photograph THIS fantastic family every fall in front of the tree the planted on their wedding day! it really does feel like we photographed their wedding just last fall, but it’s already been 7 years! mirabelle & bennett are growing and changing so fast AND they’re preparing for a new little one to join their family (in fact, they’re expecting the new one to arrive very SOON! **EDIT!** HE ARRIVED AND IS AS CUTE AS A BUTTON! stay tuned for his newborn session!!). the dynamic of these four is something special, and we are just honored that they keep asking us back to document it. ๐Ÿ™‚

we suggested an early morning sunrise session this year…the light is so different and wonderful, and it’s so warm and lovely. we sometimes suggest morning sessions for families with littles, but these two troopers are genuinely this happy and silly at all hours of the day. we even stole betsy & tom off for a few images of the two/three of them…a little quiet before their family of four becomes FIVE! ๐Ÿ™‚

here are some of our favorites.

SO MUCH LOVE to the wallis family. we’re happy you’re all in the world.


l. & r.

CASSIE & KNOX (and baby to be!)

Hi friends! Since we’re a *tad* bit behind on blogging (we’ve got some FUN ones to share, so stay tuned and check back often!) and we’re FREEZING here in the mid-west, we thought we’d share Cassie, sweet Knox and baby to be (who has since been born! and is named Nash!).

We met up on a farm, which happens to be where Knox is completely in his element…tractors & farm equipment galore and plenty of rough & tough boy stuff. Even though this was a mini-session, we wanted to also document how beautiful Cassie was with her bump but we also knew how important it was for her to have some images with just Knox before his brother arrived. Robbie set off with Knox and his grandpa and I stole Cassie away…here are a few of our favorites from their fall mini-session, enjoy!

Congrats again to Cassie and her crew on the arrival of baby Nash, sending over lots of love your way!!


l. & r.