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these kids (and young adults!) are HILARIOUS! we met up with the casciani kids just as the weather was starting to get chilly again, right before christmas (gotta love that midwest weather!) while everyone was home for the holiday break. we were lucky that the sun even made appearance! i’ve had the pleasure of knowing the littlest member of the four and their amazing mom over the last few years and it was fun to get to know the bigger “kids” as well! ๐Ÿ™‚ what a lovely group of humans…kind, funny, smart, down to earth and polite, all the good that makes the world just a bit happier. big thanks to the casciani family and HUGS to their sweet pup who made it into the session!!


l. & r. (and homer!)

roman and celia, you guys make cool look way too easy!

izzy and sweet miss claire.


i saw izzy snuggling up to farley in the viewfinder and had a feeling that this image was going to be all sorts of cute. we love families who love doggies.

this girl was a TROOPER throughout the entire session. towards the end we went up to grab a few images on a pretty steep hill which was a tad on the “muddy” side…after we were all wrapped up she insisted on rolling down the hill…we all laughed as she rolled over and over, all getting a tiny bit dizzy watching her do so! as you’ll recall, she’s also wearing all cream and white…catherine simply shrugged her shoulders and said, “yeah, we do a lot of laundry at our house!” lol!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Meet Trevor.

He’s graduating high school in a few weeks, and headed on to big things. To all of the class of 2019, congrats!

Robbie has known Trevor and his family for years and when he was back in Ohio a few weeks ago, they met up and documented a bit of time together. If it’s one thing that I admire about Robbie and his eye, it’s his unique ability to photograph environmental portraits. And, he’s AMAZING at it (he’ll deny it, and say otherwise, but he’s awesome at it).

These portraits of Trevor are individual and totally capture his spirit. We sent a few previews to his mom, and her reaction was all that we ever ask for when we show someone our final edits…she kept saying how grateful she was that Robbie was able to capture him. It’s a big deal to have senior portraits done, even a bit more pressure with clients & friends, but he knocked it outta the park with this one.

Plus, there’s a definite resemblance to a young Jon Snow (GoT fans, am I right?! Plus, he’s got a dog that also kind looks like Ghost…keep scrolling).

Thanks to the Grohe Family for your constant support and kind words and to Trevor, congrats again my friend.


l. & r.


r. & i honestly can’t get enough of these types of sessions. model sessions that is. they’re fun and relaxed and we often get to be as creative as we want. i also really really enjoy styling these sessions, pulling clothing and shoes and letting it all play out in whatever was the universe sees fit. we try to find time to squeeze a few of these in each busy season, because again, they’re a good way to step back, recharge, and let some ideas play out.

so, this is hannah. she’s got amazing wild hair and is super fun and is obviously stunning. the wind was also our friend on this particular day. here are some of our favorites from our time spent in downtown indianapolis.

we’ll be booking some model sessions early spring and if you’re interested you can always drop us an email info(at)openFieldphotography(dot)(com) to chat about one.


l. & r.

see, told you the wind was our friend.

loved the dappled light on that lavender wall. and that dress…fit like it was made for her.


hello friends! we’ve got a BUNCH of fun sessions to share, so let’s get started with this CUTE TURKEY and his lovely parents. you might remember this clan from their 6 month session OR their newborn session, heck, these guys are regulars here on the blog and we couldn’t love it more! we adore this family and find it honestly a true honor to document moments and milestones like this, i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, it’s one of the greatest parts of this job. SO, without further ado and chit chat, let’s get to the images of the triplett family! the session was a mix of a little of tommy celebrating his 1st birthday added with some family images of everyone. it was a chilly november day, but all the better for cuddling and kisses! cheers to tommy and his first trip around the sun! cheers to the sarah and phil for making such a cute kid. love you guys!


l. & r.

dear tommy, please stay this happy forever! ๐Ÿ™‚

oh tommy, does it get any cuter? peace out guys.