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happy week between christmas & new year…happy week where no one really knows what’s going on, what day it is or where they’re supposed to be doing! cheers to these days, of hanging out with friends, sleeping in and taking naps and eating cookies for breakfast appetizers.

we’ve been doing all of the above mentioned fun things…and hope you are doing your version on the same.

we had so many awesome and amazing sessions this past year (thanks to ALL of YOU!) and we’re both really excited to see what the new year brings! we still have MANY MORE fun posts to be posted, so stay tuned and stop back often for the sessions that we’ve yet to share.

up first in the newness are LEGIT some of our most favorite people, the jenkins crew. genuine good people, this group is. goofy smiles with belly laughs. scrunched up noses and tongues sticking out. just a few of the things that are so dang fun to photograph, and this group always delivers.

so much love for this family.

we hope you all enjoy.

HUGS to the jenkins and kisses from homer.


l. & r.


meet the garners!

while they were in town visiting family, the decided that it’d be fun to do a little mini-session with us! little miss is quite the mover & shaker, but we managed to get her to sit still long enough (and with some minor distractions from a pez dispenser!) to get some fun shots of her darling smile πŸ™‚

BIG hugs to the emily & zach & evelyn, it was so great to see you all…hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!


l. & r.


WARNING! this post contains several incredibly cute puppy photos. πŸ™‚

meet the barry family! erin, charlie and their sweet pups, dudley & moose (both names suit them to a “T”!!)

we met up with these guys on one of those postcard perfect fall in indiana days, you know the ones where the leaves are the perfect shades of reds & yellows, and the light is warm and feels like it’s glowing…which is exactly what erin said she wanted! we aim to deliver here at openField. πŸ™‚

it’s also the perfect weather for getting extra close and cuddly with the ones you love, which is why we love the fall so much! we’re also BIG FANS of dogs, and we love when people include them in portraits; they ARE family after all…so with all of those awesome ingredients, we knew this session would be special!

enjoy a few fun ones of the barry family and erin, if you’re reading this and those sweets pups are close, give them a BIG HUG from us!!

lots of love,


l. & r.


we met up with sierra at the most kick-ass location. we’re working on a new project (stay tuned for that in 2019!) and needed a model to help us out…we’ve worked with sierra once before and thought of her immediately for this one. these are just a few of the amazing images we captured. cheers to awesome collaborations!


l. & r.


happy monday!

now, you all know how crazy we are about DOGS…we love them…a lot.

so, we were SUPER excited when yolanda reached out and said that they wanted to do a session with their sweet new pup, oliver! it ended up being one of those wonderfully crisp fall afternoons with that magic light…perfect for cuddling and puppy kisses. πŸ™‚

we hope to see these three at the soon at, indy’s indoor bark parkΒ  a NEW INDOOR DOG PARK located in indianapolis, indiana! we’re working on a project with the park and that’s actually how yolanda & brant found us…so, if you’re in the indy or surrounding area, make sure to follow along and sign up for the latest news and when they’ll be opening up for all the doggos! we’re so looking forward to a place where we can take our boy to run and socialize with other dogs in the winter when it’s just entirely too cold out!

thanks so much to yolanda, brant and their awesome new family member oliver…we hope these images make you guys smile!


l. & r.